Stryker loves sports. Growing up he was animal state champion at the 20-yard slither. He also played soccer. Naturally he was a striker. It wasn't until he and his family moved to a new rocky outcropping just outside of Phoenix that he discovered his true love: Arizona Rattlers Football. Now you can find Stryker firing up the crowd at the Snake Pit. And when you see him, you better be ready to rattle.

  • Height 6' 7"
  • Weight Less than a lineman more than a safety.
  • Birthplace Under a boulder in the Superstition Mountains
  • College V.S.U. Viper State University. Majored in Hissstory.
  • Hobbies Getting loud for the Arizona Rattlers, Meeting new friends and fans, Going out for a bite, Sunbathing, Hanging with Fang, Tracking unsuspecting prey.